October 22, 2017 at 10:00 am Mat, Al


Restoration of the Gjalisht School in Mat

In March 2014, the full restoration of the Gjalisht School in the Mat valley in Northern Albania was the Queen Geraldine Foundation’s first project which was achieved with the support of the International University of Tirana. The school had suffered years of neglect and no longer could provide the minimal education standards. The school required urgent reconstruction which was completed by the Queen Geraldine Foundation in accordance with the guidelines of the regional education authorities. It was clear that the foundation could play an important role in providing direct assistance to underprivileged schools as a trusted partner to the local government.

In late 2014 the Foundation continued its work with the support of the Embassy of the State of Kuwait in Tirana, this time the foundation helped the Ali Xhetani village school in Zenisht.

The reconstruction phase of the Ali Xhetani school included the instalment of gutters, new waste water and clean water installations, the plastering of the walls and the repainting of the interior and exterior of the school in its entirety. The Foundation also put in electric installations and replaced windows. Buying new school banks, tables and providing the teaching staff printers, scanners and other utilities. An important component of the investment was the construction of a wall which helped provide security and prevent road accidents.

In 2016, the Foundation assisted the preschool kindergarten of “Kopeshti Zall Shoshaj” by reconstructing classrooms and donating school equipment.

The Queen Geraldine Foundation has continued throughout the years to further its activities with the goal of supporting all the schools in the Mat valley. This includes a range of events and donations in the villages such as Burgajet, Bruç, Drajan and the city of Burrel. Not only focusing to help children but also their parents. At the end of each year the Foundation chooses schools in the Mat region to give out gifts in a festive atmosphere, full of joy and goodwill. These festivities are joined by representatives of the international community serving in Albania.