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Supporting Education

Supporting Education

Supporting Education

Education is an important building block in all prosperous societies! Approximately twenty eight percent of children in Albania come from families which receive economic assistance. Fifty thousand children are forced to work and support their families, with 31.3% of Albanian families living in poverty according to the World Bank 2018 estimates.
This is precisely why the Queen Geraldine Foundation is focused on helpig Schools by providing safe educational facilities and amenities.

The foundation’s first project was the full restoration of the Gjalisht School in Mat, Northern Albania.
The school had suffered years of neglect which had left its primary and middle school students to face the harsh elements of nature.Fortunately the Queen Geraldine Foundation was able to team up with the International University of Tirana to fully rebuild the school.

In late 2014 the Foundation continued its work with the support of the Embassy of the State of Kuwait in Tirana, to provide assistance to the Ali Xhetani village school in Zenisht. This included the building of a wall around the school which has since prevented the threat of road accidents.

The reconstruction faze of the Ali Xhetani school included the installment of gutters, new waste water and clean water installations, the plastering of the walls and the repainting of the interior and exterior of the school in its entirety. The Foundation also put in electric installations and replaced windows. Buying new school banks, tables and providing the teaching staff printers and scanners andother utilities. The Queen Geraldine Foundation helped schools and pre-school kindergartens in the villages of  Zall Shoshaj, Derjan, Lis and Burgajet with smaller donations, by restoring classrooms and helping with book donations. The Foundation has started to expand its work throughout Albania and promoting collaborationwith other non government organizatios.


We strive to reduce inequalities in the Albanian region and work toward a fairer and more compassionate world.
We trust that communities can be lifted out of poverty, that change is possible, and that the well- being of every individual, regardless of race, gender, class, or any other classification is important.
Rooted in the ideal of compassion in action, we serve others with joy and determination by cultivating altruism in our hearts and actions.