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Fighting Poverty

Fighting Poverty

Fighting Poverty

Everyone in Albanian deserves a fair chance to achieve their goals for themselves, their families and their communities. Those who live in poverty face steep and unfair obstacles to attaining financial security, good health, and a voice in decisions that affect them.

 The Queen Geraldine Foundation works with local partners and volunteers in distributing food and clothing to families in need of assistance. All goods bought by the foundation come from local venders and shops so to support small businesses in the poorest areas. This is done by following guide lines of quality and then transparency, so to maximize the effect of each donation.

 It has become a tradition of the foundation to celebrate the end of year festivities with the Crown Prince and Crown Princess whilst gifting clothing and toys to school children in rural areas of the country. These activities build community trust and strengthen cooperation with local authorities and regional education authorities.

We strive to reduce inequalities in the Albanian region and work toward a fairer and more compassionate world.
We trust that communities can be lifted out of poverty, that change is possible, and that the well- being of every individual, regardless of race, gender, class, or any other classification is important.
Rooted in the ideal of compassion in action, we serve others with joy and determination by cultivating altruism in our hearts and actions.