April 5, 2017 at 2:56 am Shkodra, AL

Construction work in Shkodra

In cooperation and with the support of the LESAB Foundation, the Queen Geraldine foundation was able to complete reconstruction work at “The Shkodra Children’s Center”, giving direct assistance to children with special needs. The Foundation was able to complete the full reconstruction of the hydro sanitary systems, including specialized bathrooms.
The reconstruction process also included the kitchen and the dining hall, with a full overhaul, re- plastering and painting of the interior. New gas installations, ovens and other kitchen utilities came with the full refurbishment of tables, chairs and other furniture respectively. The buying of a specialized transport vehicle…
The center continues to look after 50 resident children and 50 day boarders, giving specialized services to 100 disabled children daily. The children need individual and specialized care, which is provided by a trained and devoted staff.
The Queen Geraldine Foundation was also able to provide assistance to the Center for Children with Disabilities in the city of Elbasan, central Albania, providing isolation, new doors and windows.