Reconstruction of a special needs children’s center in the city of Shkodra

The Queen Geraldine Foundation has successfully inaugurated the reconstruction work at “The Shkodra children’s Center”.  The foundation was able to complete the full reconstruction of the hydro sanitary system, including four bathrooms and all specialized equipment.

In phase two of the project: The reconstruction process focused on the kitchen areas and the dining halls, with a full overhaul which included  re-plastering and painting of the interior. The installment of the proper safety measures and gas installations, new ovens and other kitchen utilities. The full refurbishment of tables, chairs and other furniture respectively in the dinning hall.

The center looks after 50 resident children and 50 day boarders, giving specialized services to 100 disabled children daily. The children need individual and specialized care, which is provided by a trained and devoted staff.

The President of the foundation, Miss Elia Zaharia, in her speech thanked her sponsors for their help and also recognized the contribution given by the construction companies who worked professionally in the realization of the investment.

The inauguration was also attended and greeted by the newly elected Mayor of Shkodra, Mrs Voltana Ademi, who also supported a joint message of public awareness for children with special needs.