The Official Foundation of the Albanian Royal Family

“Duty and Love”

Our foundation aims to be close to Albanian families who require our help, with
children that long for love and care. We must support our old. We need to be
where the heart dictates us. By Crown Princess Elia of the Albanians

What We Do


Helping Children with special needs

The needs of children with disabilities are often neglected due to the unavailability of
specialized health services and rehabilitation.


Fighting poverty

Narrowing the discrepancies between poor and non-poor households and helping educational
attainment and overall wellbeing is essential for Albania’s future.


Supporting Education

Education is fundamental to the continued emancipation of our Nation, helping individuals to
strive for the future whilst providing the necessary conditions.


Environmental protection

Albania is blessed with wildlife and flora; it is our responsibility as a society to insure that we
are aware of our carbon footprint.


Arts & Crafts

Albania has a rich artisanal tradition and unique culture passed down through the
generations from Albania’s Illyrian ancestors and diverse history.